The Braugarten Forst

For many years, THE beer garden in South Tyrol!

Only a stone’s throw from the brewery Forst from wich connected by a wooden bridge, the Braugarten leads the principles and traditions of FORST brewery continued: Tradition and love of nature, but also hard work to maintain the quality of their products always high. Tradition and progress is the guiding principle of the brewery, which is lived at the Braugarten daily.

In the shade of ancient chestnut trees traditional South Tyrolean dishes are served, lovingly prepared from the finest ingredients, which are derived primarily from the environment, from local producers and suppliers.
Typical snacks, hearty „Haxn“, gently braised roast, ravioli and dumplings reflect the tradition of our country, simple but hearty meals, for which our kitchen over the country’s borders is widely known!

Together with our excellent food in the Braugarden we serve fresh drafted beer, seven different beers wich comes directly from the FORST brewery cellars without detours to your table.  Tapped with big experience, provided with a magnificent crown!

You can experience daily the proverbial and genuine hospitality of the Reiterer Family and her long-standing team, and you can also party with us: The  Braugarten FORST awaits you with sundowners, performances by solo artists, but also veritable concerts!