Our Beer

Fresh and tasty- your beer comes directly from the cool cellars of the brewery FORST, it must only cross the street to reach us. The much-quoted, fabled beer conduit through which the beer will flow directly from the brewery to us does not exits, unfortunately, but we have surely the most experienced people behind the beer taps at work.
These accomplish the art of the master brewer at the FORST brewery and make sure that you have the perfect beer at the table.

Christmas Brew

The Christmas beer Sensation!
Impresses with its golden color and full, classic taste.
The glass: Goblet glass jug with handle.
alc. 5,2 % vol.

V.I.P. Pils

Particularly dry and very refreshing, with sophisticated bitter notes.
High quality aromatic hops and a special ageing process help to produce the appealing hoppy fragrance. The fresh, delicate sensation on the palate, refined elegance in the flavour and compact head make it one of the best Pils beers around.
Glass: A conical, narrow, tall and slender flute glass that preserves its liveliness.
alc. 5,0 % vol.


Rounded and reasonably bitter.
A special beer with a full flavour featuring malty notes, a golden yellow colour and understated, subtle hoppiness. There is a slight grassy fragrance to the aftertaste, which comes together with the sweet sensation left on the lips to make another sip irresistible. It is made with an age-old recipe and will fully satisfy all genuine beer connoisseurs.
Glass: A smooth chalice made of thin glass with a tapered form to “raise” the head while also preventing it from overflowing.
alc. 5,2 % vol.

Heller Bock

Full, well structured.
Produced in an original manner with two blends and fermented in the time-honoured way, this beer then goes on to age in FORST’s traditional strong beer cellar. The result is a fantastic balance between the malt and the hops. It has a powerful aroma but is nonetheless very refined. The aftertaste is slightly malty yet elegantly fruity at the same time.
Glas: A smooth, cylindrical glass with a handle and details on the base. One of the most traditional beer glasses, it is designed to contain the creamy head.
alc. 7,5 % vol.

Luxus Light

Delicate, on the acidulous side.
With a particularly low calorie content (approximately 40% less than a normal beer), Forst Luxus Light is very thirst quenching and offers a greater percentage of minerals, bitter substances and polyphenols. Ideal for light, simple meals, it should be served in.
A fine, reasonably small glass with a cylindrical form.
alc. 2,9 % vol.


Velvety with a distinctly malty feel and warm notes of roast, spicy caramel.
The famous, highly popular strong FORST Beer. The special malts used and the specific production process help to create its unique caramel flavour. It is immensely, unforgettably satisfying from the first sip. Its dark colour and delicate hoppy notes evoke memories of the original strong beers and the traditional art of beer making in monasteries.
Glass :An elegant bulbous glass with a narrow cylindrical body that expands in the upper part to enhance the aromatic intensity. The tapered top holds the head and allows the aromas to be released.
alc. 6,5 % vol.

Forst 1857

A velvety beer offering distinctive notes of malt, honey and acacia, as well as a very delicate hint of bitterness, with a pleasant aftertaste.
Glass: None. Enjoy FORST 1857 directly from the bottle.
alc. 4,8 % vol.

Forst Felsenkeller Beer

This natural tart, unfiltered and unpasteurised special beer, filled directly from the lager tank, surprises the attentive beer lover with his round, full-bodied taste and the pleasantly soft finish, which invites you to the next sip.
alc. 5,2 % vol.